"When bright flowers bloom Parchment crumbles, my words fade The pen has dropped ..."

Saturday, April 17, 2010

My First blog

So here goes my first blog.. this just the penning down of my thoughts..
Today it rained the whole day.. although the mercury has not yet scored high.. still it was a wonderful relief..
and with rains came running into my thoughts sweet memories of the rainy days of India..
During my school days.. I prayed earnestly for a rainy day.. and in those rainy days I still remember making paper boats and floating them in running streams of water.. My paper boat never made the journey as it got wet.. i had once even tried to make a boat from stiff plastic sheet(to prevent my boat from wetting n sinking), but the plastic boat never took the desired shape..
With rains came the season of hot pakodas.. Ma used to fry them in the rainy evenings n we three(Ma Baba n myself) huddled near the window.. devouring pakodas n Ma n Baba sipping steaming tea(tea was a total NO No for me during my school days).
We(Ma Baba n me ) had once made a trip to Amarkantak(Chattisgarh) during a rainy season.. The beauty of the rains of Satpura is still vivid. It had rained the whole day Cats n dogs.. and by evening there was complete power failure.. We in our hotel room's balcony were drenched in pitch darkness. The quietness of the dark night was broken only by the sound of the cricket(jhingur or jhijhi poka as we call it in bengali)from the nearby jungle. Oh it was such a beautiful night. We felt as if we were a part of some different world.. very far away from civilization..
Today as we(Arnab n myself now) were walking in the soft drizzle, we admired the blooms of spring..There are lovely beautiful flowers every where. But despite all its beauty something was missing .. the sweet smell of the earth.. the sweet fragrance which mother earth spreads when she gets drenched in the first rain of the season..


amy said...

Your very first one .. its beautiful di, the way u described the trip to Amarkantak is commendable di. Keep writing and i will keep appreciating :)

Nisha Vishnu said...

Good writing Sush.. When I read your piece I felt our old Gwalior days were back.. you narrating some story to me.. Your narration style has not changed a bit.. keep going..

Menaka said...

nice...good choice of words...and excellent style of writing!

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