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Monday, November 22, 2010

To her with love

Today is 3rd of June. Two years back , this day Aru was with Meenal. It was her birthday and just 2 days later was Aru's birthday. Since last few years they had been celebrating both of their birthdays together on the same day. They had outed the whole day, had a beautiful candlelit homemade dinner. But today Aru is all alone. He has just returned from the Village hospital. Tired and exhausted he lies on the cot of his small quarter. He tries to dose off, but thoughts keep propping up. They had loved each other so much , rather he still loves her. But he is not destined to be married. He has more important aspirations. and he never blamed Meenal for leaving him. On the contrary he is very happy for her. Ma told him two days back that Meenal is getting married by the end of the year. The boy is an architect by profession settled in Pune. Good for Meenal , she does not have to leave her job.
Meenal and Aru were neighbors. They had grown up together. Although Aru was 3 yrs elder to Meenal, they were friends. They had never proposed each other but they and their families knew about their unfathomable love. Nothing could have gone wrong between the two, and nothing actually did. Meenal just after completing her engineering got a job in IT at Pune. She was waiting for the day when Aru would finish up with his medical studies. Love although unspoken was dreaming big in her eyes. But for Aru, life was moulding a different shape. With the complete of internship in a rural area, the truth dawned on him , the truth of how badly he is needed in these rurals. The plight of villagers suffering and dying because no doctor would come to a village , brought tears into his eyes. He decided to give up all his riches and luxuries of urban life for these poor souls. He was sure his parents would understand, and yes they did. But to tell Meenal was an agonizing pain. And she cried and shouted and yelled, but nothing could make Aru stay back. He never wanted her to come with him. Why should she sacrifice all for him to get nothing? No , he was happy that she parted ways. Two years have passed since then. Remembering all the nostalgias , Aru doses off.
The next day he wakes up to rural fresh air and chirping of birds. Suddenly last nights' thoughts make him sad. But then he rememberes he is here for a cause, he loves this village, its people their innocence. He loves it when he heals and cures them.This is a transcendental happiness.
After getting ready he reaches the small 2 room hospital.There is a hue and cry. The only nurse of the hospital is carrying tiny bundle in her arm. As Aru approaches the nurse, he is taken aback. It is an infant hardly a week old. Someone had left her on the door of the hospital. The moment Aru takes the baby in his arm, she smiles.Oh the moment is so divine. Aru gives a peck on the forehead and whispers "You are my Meenal"..


Annu Neil said...

I was so "TOUCHED". Its beautifully written. Keep it going this way.

Vinay said...

That's a touching story!! Nice to see that atleast in fiction, there are people who would sacrifice personal feelings for social betterment.

shruti said...

is dis a true story??? very touching

Sushmita said...

@Anu thanx ,will definitely keep writing.. @Vinay thanx..
@Shruti.. nahi re.. meri hai.. i mean written by me..

Nishigandha said...

wow!! ... too good
you def should keep writing .. :)

anindita said...

lovely story, touched the heart. loved the happy 'ending' of the story and the new beginning in Aru's life..

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