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Saturday, March 12, 2011

The common man's uncommon rail budget

The third rail budget given by our very own Mamta Di .. the budget she and our PM claim to be a common man's budget.. is it really a good one.. or is it just a voter friendly budget. With the Bengal assembly election at the door step, what could be more luring for voters then promising for 14 new trains to the state. This is completely a Bengal oriented budget. Forum and blogs reflect the wrath of people from other states. Shouldn't  there have been trains which would have covered the length and breadth of the country rather then just her (and my) state. And the so called "DURONTO" trains .. will they not help only by delaying the other train? Cant our ministers just think of improving the existing logistics and infrastructure instead of making hopeless promises? I mean what good is it to start new Durontos and Shatabdis when at the first place night trains at maoist areas are not possible, when train travel is a complete nightmare , when trains get delayed by hours and sometimes days , where Sleeper class is the last place you will find neat and clean, where the railway pantry serves the worst food and where long or short distance express trains the bathrooms are pathetic and most unhygienic.
No hike in fares is ofcourse a welcome in this inflation market, but with the current deficit ever increasing how are we going to come off it. Even a nominal increase in fare would have amounted a lot viewing the traffic on the rails.And it would have not harmed at all if the fare of AC and luxury trains increased by a small percent.Promises like "Housing to all railway employees in the next 10 years." isnt it ludicrous? And what about the pending projects
I dont understand how our PM could approve such a budget.
It agonizing to say .. but sometimes I feel our country should be under president's rule.. a president with no political background but with a vision for India.. a president like may be APJ.. a President who can show the world what we can do when we think much above the boundaries of our states.

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