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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tomato stuffed

I am not in the mood of writing much today.. So here goes just the recipe.
You need:
A few tomatoes, preferably round ones
Boiled Potatoes, grated ginger ,
chopped coriander and chillies,
sweet corn if you like
Scoop out the center pulp. You may use the pulp in any other recipes. Mash the boiled potatoes , add sweet corn, chillies , ginger, coriander, salt and a little chaat masala. You can replace potato with grated paneer. Fill in the tomatoes. Place in an oil smeared microwaveable plate. Season a little with salt and black pepper. You may or may not sprinkle a few drops of oil. Microwave on high for 6 mins. The time may vary based on softness of the tomatoes and pwer of microwave. so keep checking after 2-3 minutes. Enjoy!!


shruti said...

Wonderful.... My mom used to make these... Yummy.. We can also do variations with the filling and also can do the same recipe for bell peppers and tindas...

Sushmita said...

ya .. shruti I have tried this recipe with bell peppers.. but with tinda i have never tried.. will definitely try this one

Suj said...

u can even put your favorite grated cheese on top of it, it will seal the filling and give u great taste

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