"When bright flowers bloom Parchment crumbles, my words fade The pen has dropped ..."

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Soiling my hand with B4,B6,B8..........

During the school days, when there was not much of assignments and home-works, and not much to do in the sleepy afternoon, hours were spent drawing and sketching.Soon Ma and Baba felt that I had a knack for the art, and drawing classes became my playground. Then I was more into sketching. Later I took to painting.
Its a long long time since I have sketched anything. Recently the dear hubby gifted me a set of colors and brushes. It fun again to play with colors. Hope I will sooner pick the pencils and charcoal as well.
Here is a collage of my sketches
Tagore or as we bengali lovingly call "Gurudev". My first portrait sketch was of Gurudev(no not this one, a more easier one). I love to sketch him. 
Cutie Pie

The Ever beautiful MadhuBala

The Gazal maestro

A snowy day

Hullabaloo in the berry orchard

A sunday at the church


Vinay said...

The sketches are simply awesome!!

anindita said...

Bolaar kichu words nei Sushmita...you are a genius..

Nishigandha said...

Amazing!! ... simply wonderful .. how i wish i could sketch atleast 10% of that yaar ...

Sushmita said...

Oh thanx all frnds.. I am flattered but these are from a diff era.. I can no longer sketch portraits.. :(

Suj said...

oh my god! i never new u r such good artist... why r u doing MS i dont know, u can become a painter.
i cant believe it is done by u. simple superb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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