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Monday, August 22, 2011

School Days

Here at Texas , the summer vacations are over and the schools are reopening. Pretty late ha.. yes in India schools reopen by 1-2 July. Yesterday while we were out for a bit of groceries, we saw the huge shopping complex buzzing with children of all ages and their parents, all buying anything and everything remotely associated with school. There were "so-called" sales and discounts on all ACADEMICAL items. The scene made me smile and the memoirs of my school days came rushing into my thoughts.
The long summer vacation was always longed and welcomed. It started with the FINAL EXAMS and then the results. Either there was a month trip to my native or simply idling out. The mornings were cool , with cycling or morning walk listening to cooing of the koel. The afternoons were mainly a heart meal , and the doordarshan afternoon shows and some DIY projects of course. Evenings were either drawing classes or a visit to a friend's place(or vice versa) or games like "Hide and seek", "Land water", "Sithouli or pittuk" or simply "Pinky pinky what color" . Days flew away merrily.

 But soon enough the countdown for July started. The eagerness to meet old friends and make new ones flooded us. With the new class syllabus new books were bought, and with them came sets of new notebooks(or copies as we called them), pen pencils, geometry box and sometimes school bag. The books and notebooks were covered with brown paper and sometime polythene sheets. Oh it was such fun to select pretty name stickers (I loved the ones with Disney characters) , stick them on the notebooks and then write my name in the best calligraphic writing possible. Sometimes there were new uniforms as well. And just before the "school reopen" day, uniform was ironed , shoes polished , all the nail polish from nails removed, the bag was packed. Tomorrow would be a long exciting day, meeting old friends and teachers, finding who our class teacher and other subject teachers would be for this year, getting the time table, looking for the games and SUPW period in the timetable, sharing our lunches and stories of vacation during recess. Another year of studies and fun to embrace.

Oh!!! How much I miss my school days and my alma mater. Will miss you always St. Paul's School Gwalior and Christ Church Girls School Jabalpur.


Vinay said...

You remember the SUPW period? I'd forgotten about it. Well, never did anything useful in that period. Would be more of some kind of tension, ki 'aaj kya karvaayenge'.

Anyway, school was simple back them. Even without those 'back-to-school' sales, we managed things so nicely. Parents would have readied stuff far before the school began. Uniforms, belt, tie, shoes, etc. were ready and nothing left to those last days. Those were the days!!

anindita said...

Very nice post indeed..the cooing of the Koel part touched my heart..yes, in the morning fresh air, the koel cooed...I also remember the Biashkhi-jhor which were common in the plateau region..the loo would beat against the windows and during late afternoon there would be a storm, sheel-poraa and we would collect the sheel wearing thin red towels on our head. So many mangoes would fall down during the storm and by evening the sky would be a clear pristine thinga dn we would go to play in the cool weather..

What days! What days!

Sushmita said...

@ Vinay .. I loved English and SUPW/drawing classes..really miss the school days a lot..
@ Ani di.. ur memories remind me of days when we had a jamun tree in our angan..after the rains we picked jamuns from the ground.. sometime kept papers under the tree to get good , unsoiled ones.. really wish those days cud come back..

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