"When bright flowers bloom Parchment crumbles, my words fade The pen has dropped ..."

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Cherry Blossom

This post comes after a long long time. Meanwhile a lot has changed in my life. From a daughter, friend, software engineer, lecturer, wife to this new role of life- the role of mother really a lot has changed. Since mine was a high risk pregnancy I had quit my job the very first month. The doc  advised me complete bed rest, was not allowed to climb min steps or go out of the house even for min check-up. Life had been a little hard those days, but thanks to the constant support of my parents and husband, their unprecedented love life gave me the most beautiful flower of my garden .. my baby.
Motherhood may be a 24x7 job, with no vacations, no holidays, but the best package of the world. His first cry made me forget my pain, his smile makes my day, his day to day tantrums make my bonus, his cute gestures are my perks. its really difficult to take out time for my hobbies but I dont mind.
I had been longing to paint something and finally the other day when he was sleeping in the evening I took courage to bring out my water colors and a sheet of paper. Yes I did not have my acrylic colors and canvas and all my brushes. But I really wanted to paint something. This painting is with just 3 colors (red black and white) and 2 brushes. I hope to get the cherry blossoms much better the next time. Also the photo taken by my phone could not capture the true colors of the painting. better there's always the next time till then this one is for you my son.

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Swats said...

As usual .. always the best .. and many many congratulations for your cute little baby :-)

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