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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rice cutlets!!

For those who know me from near, I am a big foody.... (oh! please dont laugh, I know my physique doesnt say so). I love to devour on anything thats tasty and I love to try out anything and everything. Ironically my first tryst with cooking came very late in my life, after 2 decades on the planet. When almost all my college friends knew how to cook, I only knew how to boil egg. My baba's strict instruction "No cooking while you are into studies". Since Ma was a school teacher Baba helped her with cooking. But I was never allowed to do so. Once in high school, I was having a holiday. That day before leaving for school Ma had taught me orally(no practical class) how I can prepare rice in cooker. I was asked to keep the rice ready before Baba came for lunch. She (Ma ) had measured the water and rice and kept aside for me in a seperater utensil(of the cooker). Due time came and I kept the cooker with the rice utensil in it........but with no water inside the cooker...and the cooker lid on......... and I waited and waited and waited for the whistle to blow. But poor me , I had no idea why the cooker was slowly turning black.. After half and hour with no desired outcome I switched off the gas oven and waited for Ma. Ma came.. asked me if the rice was done.. I had no clue of it.. She was aghast to see my deed.. So I was kept away from the kitchen for many yrs to come.. Finally when I got my appointment letter from Infosys, I started trying some recipes under Ma's supervision. When at Blore and Pune, I used to call her and ask the details of some recipe. Even today sometimes when I try my hand at some authentic bengali dish, I give her a call for the details.
Enough of boring with old stories.. Now coming to the recipe. It was first tried at Pune with leftover rice (courtesy my roommates). Everyone liked it, and even at Arlington.. Indians and Americans..
All you need is :
Left over rice ,
2-3 bread slices,
Chopped onion, green chillies , coriander
Salt to taste
little chaat masala
Mash the rice well. Cut off the edges of the bread. Soak them in water, take out and squeeze. Add to the mashed rice. Now add the chopped onion, green chillies , coriander. Shape the mix into cutlets. Shallow fry the cutlets.
The rice gives a wonderful crispiness. We can add grated carrots and little of nutrila(soyabean) granules to make it a healthier snack. If you are adding nutrila granules, soak the granules in boiling water for 2 mins and then squeeze out the water.


Vinay said...

Wonder if you can try it with left over biryani (possibly vegetarian biryani).

Would be an interesting variant. Except that, while rice is only boiled, biryani contains a generous dash of oil that comes from seasoning. It would be interesting to see the effect of that oil on the bread.

anindita said...

A very interesting read...I have similar stories on my cuisune skills which I call Culinary Crimes, I have jotted some of them down in mt blog....

Good read..hope for more

Sushmita said...

Thanks Vinay for the idea.. no doubt biriyani cutlets wud be very tasty.. will try our once..
Thankx Ani.. hey whrs ur culinary crimes blog..

shruti said...

i have tasted this dish of your... and I loved it :)

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