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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Uma ... Shakti

Recently I have been watching quite a many women oriented films...films depicting the fight of women for individuality. And time and again these thoughts keep popping in my mind........After so much of development and education, "WOMAN" still remains the acronym for "Sacrifice" in our society. One thing I really appreciate about the western society is its equality for the fairer sex. Here She drives buses, runs companies, is a homemaker, dons the Miss Universe crown, is the CEO, visits the unknown space , in a nutshell does everything which a man can do.

We hail from a country and culture where in ancient days woman was at a more higher status. She was the source of Power : "Shakti". Only in Hinduism do we have a female aspect of GOD. In our vedas and scriptures women are worshiped. Ancient India saw a woman no different from a man. She was well versed and educated, she had property rights,she could choose her husband . Our Upanishads tell us that women once had the right to perform rituals, wear the scared thread , they were gurus in gurukuls. In ancient India the woman was respected for her virtues , her education, her qualities, not just for her physical beauty, purity and chastity. Then why this discrimination today ?
I was brought up in a family where a woman is respected and honored .My parents always wanted me to be independent with a strong ground under my feet. And even after my marriage , I am lucky enough to pursue all my dreams , aspirations and stargazes, thanks to the tremendous unconditional support of my husband. But how many women are half as lucky as me and likes?
I have seen daughters being brought up with the notion that they are "Paraya dhan", bound to get married and leave their maiden family for good(?? who knows for good or bad ?? ) . In some educated and so called modern families she is given the best of education with the purpose of fetching a good husband. And there are intellectuals who despite of competing with women in academics and profession want a beautiful ("convent educated" at times) wife, who will be waiting for him back home in a pretty saare with the steaming dinner on the table when he is back from a hectic day at office. Even if she is working , she should be back before him , all geared up for the second phase of work. And sometimes she has to sacrifice her booming carrier for her family...... no dont think I am against this. On the contrary I somehow feel (despite of being a hardcore feminist) that for a woman Family comes first because if she neglects the family, no one can revert the loss done. But then choosing between carrier and family is entirely her own decision. She should not be forced to do so nor should she is the only one responsible for her family.
Why again chastity is one virtue which every woman should have , while a man can go about having any number and any type of relationships? Even in today's educated society a single mother is ridiculed and humiliated. Why is an unmarried mother out-casted from the society.. why is only she blamed ... is not the other person equally if not more responsible? Rather should she not get all the support,care and applaud for bringing into this world a baby on her own?
I dont think any of us (women) want any reservation of any kind at any place at any time. What today's woman really wants is an equal status , she is capable of doing everything , from fathoming the deepest to conquering the highest..from raising a child to managing a company.. to leading a nation. Let her take the world in her stride and wonders she can do..


tathagata said...

I can see a woman in her rising :) ... kudos for a great article

shruti said...

Great article !!!
I agree with most of your points...
I feel , equality is important but more than that a women needs to be respected. I feel once married, female completely understands what her responsibilities are.. she does wish to prove to anyone that she is capable of doing what her husband is doing but instead she is just asking for appreciation & acknowledgment to her efforts that she is putting in to make her famliy happy

Swats said...

.. hey i like this post a lot .. all women\girls will agree to your views .. good post

dreamer said...

Nicely done :) you are right when you say we are lucky to have a supportive family ..I see so many women around me who make so many personal sacrifices day in and day out ..My heart bleeds for them..I think out of all my posts the one that would be closest to this one would be http://woolgatherers-space.blogspot.com/2009/08/agony-of-modern-indian-woman.html
I have been on this case for a long time now .. I have to struggle to not write on Women oriented issues :)

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