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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pyaz posto (Onion poppy seed)

Again back to square one after about 4 weeks of holiday at home, deciding what to cook daily has become a puzzle. At Kolkata it was a feast daily with all favorite recipes cooked by Ma and Sasu Ma.. from Bhapa Ilish, Koraishutir kochuri, Mangsho,Mochar Ghonto,Lal Shak (oh its an infinite list) to desserts of Gulab Jamun, payesh , Pithe.. ah I am missing Kolkata.. :( ..
We had decided not to indulge in non veg for a little time after our return so this saturday I decided to go for a            simple meal with a posto recipe.
We Bengalies are a great fan of posto, the most favorite of all is the aloo posto. Then we have potol(parval) posto, posto r bora, dherosh(bhindi) posto. But I (rather I should say "WE") kept it more simple.. Pyaz posto. This is one of my hubby's recipe and he really makes it devastatingly delicious.
So here goes the recipe.
3-4 tablespoon Posto (Poppy seed) soaked in water for 2-3 hour. Make a thick paste of 3-4 green chillies and soaked posto.
Slice a medium onion. Heat oil in a kadai. Add sliced onions and 2-3 slitted chilies (depends on how hot you prefer). Fry for a few minutes. Add salt and a pinch of turmeric. Now add the posto paste. Keep frying. You can simply remove it from the fire once the paste is dry.. but my hubby makes it more amazing.. He adds a little mustard oil in the middle of the posto in the kadai and keeps frying the posto in small amounts from the sides.. he fries it till the pyaz posto changes color to light brown.
A simple n very tasty recipe goes great with rice n daal.


anindita said...

Great.......will try it for your and give you the comments.....

Anonymous said...

I am so lazy occasionally, although i have been reading your blog for sometime now I have not made a comment til now, just wanted to say im loving it!

Hiral said...

hey.. can you pls let me know how do we decide that the posto is cooked well. I recently prepared it but my husband (Bengali :)) said its a little kachcha... i had cooked it for quite enough time.. :( hope u would be able to guide.. thanks for the recipe.. it helped a lot...

Sushmita said...

Hiral, Basically the color of posto should change while frying. The moisture present in the ground posto should vanish completely for the posto to cook well.
Hope this helps

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