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Monday, November 28, 2011

Egg soya bean dum biryani

So one fine day I was in no mood of making the same old lunch of rice and veggies and daal or fish and neither was I in the mood of too much labor. I was looking for something interesting and easygoing. And then I thought about "Egg soya dum biryani" I had never tasted this recipe before leave alone trying it. Also two of the key ingredients of biryani : mint and coriander leaves were missing from my fridge but I decided to do away with them. "Lets see how it tastes the nontraditional style" I told myself.
I used :
eggs(hard boiled),
a cup of Basmati rice ,
biryani spices like : large(black) cardamom, cinnamon sticks, a few javitri, bay leaves,
ginger garlic chilly paste
chopped onions,
onion julienne
a small chopped tomato
nutrela soya bean chunks(boiled in water and drained)
4  tablespoon curd,
garam masala powder
few cashews and raisins
Heat water in a heavy-bottomed pan. Add the biryani whole spices, half a teaspoon ghee and salt. Boil the water then add the rice. Stir time to time. Once rice is done, drain out the water.
Heat oil in kadai,  free the onion julienne such that they get caramelized , keep aside. Make slits on the eggs and shallow fry them, keep aside. Now add a few green cardomom, cloves, a bay leave and jeera to the oil. Add the cashew and raisins saute them for a min , now add the chopped onions. Saute till brown, then add the chopped tomato and ginger garlic chilly paste. Add salt and turmeric and chilly powder as per taste. Fry till oil separates. Now if you have mint and coriander, chop and add them(I proceeded without them). Add the curd. Fry for few minutes , now add the eggs and the boiled soya chunks. Cook for few more minutes such that the soya chunks are completely cooked.
Now  grease a heavy bottomed pan with ghee. Add half the egg- soya masala . Layer half of the cooked rice. Top it with caramelized onions , sprinkle few drops of saffron milk(soak a few strands of saffron in 2-3 tablespoon milk). Spread the remaining egg-soya masala topping it again with a layer of rice. Top it with caramelized onions and saffron milk. Sprinkle a little ghee. Place the lid. You may keep some heavy utensil on top of the lid, to keep it tight. Lower the heat to minimum for dum , and keep for 20 minutes. Serve with raita.


Vinay said...

So, yours is turning into a food-blog!! Keep the recipes coming, I would try them some day!

Sushmita said...

Seriously I don't want it to be a food blog.. but not getting any thoughts to pen down.

anindita said...

wow.....mookhe jol eshe gelo je.....aar photograph ne aur salivate karne par majboor kiya...


Sushmita said...

Thanx Anindita Di..

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