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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Achari bharva baigan(Stuffed baby brinjal)

Phew .. the last few weeks have been quite stupendous on me.. loads and loads of academic work. Finally I am done(hopefully for good). Though there are many priorities assigned in line, I plan to take a short break and indulge myself in whatever i like best.. which is of course cooking blogging and painting..not to forget watching Star Trek with Mr husband. Oh I have become a huge fan of Star Trek recently thanx to the better half. I always despised Sci-fi, but that's past now. It all started with "Star Trek : The next generation". Now Janeway and Chakotay of Star Trek Voyager fascinate me. I always refrain my self from any sorts of addiction but I should admit Star Trek has become a complete addiction.

The other day I tried this recipe. I wanted to improvise on the Bharva baigan recipe but nothing I found on the internet seemed quite interesting. Then I came across this particular video on you-tube. The original recipe on you-tube is very different, and mine as I would say is a collection of stolen ideas blended with some of mine. As long as there is no copyright violation, I think we can very well enjoy the recipe.
So all I used was:
few small brinjals or eggplant or aubergine or guinea squash or baigan or begun.. oh my god this vegetable has so many names
onion, green chillies, grated ginger, salt, turmeric, a small tomato or little puree(this is entirely optional), amchur, dhaniya powder and

the secret ingredient(as the sweet lady on youtube said): any pickle(achar) you have at home
For the stuffing , I fried the onions till light brown. Then added green chillies, salt turmeric , grated ginger. Added a small finely chopped tomato to make the stuffing little mushy. You may skip the tomato. Once the stuffing was almost done, added a teaspoon of dhaniya powder and a little amchur. Let the mixture cool. While the mixture was cooling down, I slit the brinjals into quarters (hey do u know the paste tense of slit is slit.. frankly I didn't , I thought the word was slitted but then my PC said "ITS WRONG"), dipping the slit ones into water to prevent blackening. Now before filling the brinjals, I added a spoon of the pickle masala-oil to the stuffing. Believe me this is all needed to make the recipe "Achari". The slit baigans are then stuffed with this spicy tasty mixture. Then in a kadai, I poured little oil. Once hot, I lowered the stuffed brinjals into the oil. Kept the flame on full for a few minutes, tossing the brinjals to other side(to get the outer skin crispy). Then before closing the lid, I sprinkled a little salt on the brinjals. Kept the the brinjal covered for around 10 mins(this time may wary), checking and flipping them time to time. Once soft , removed from flame.. and served.

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