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Monday, May 28, 2012

Breezy seaside

This is my first effort at painting a seascape. I always feared painting waves. Somehow I had the feeling that painting waves would be a disaster. But after trying different landscapes I couldn't avoid painting a sea. Having said that, today I have just painted a very distance sea. Next time I am going to paint seascape, it would be crashing waves in details. But before that I need to study the anatomy of crashing waves. Lets see what Google and YouTube can provide me.


Swats said...

Hi Sush - this is beautiful - you are getting better with every new painting :-)

Sushmita said...

Thanx Swat

runnergirlinthekitchen.blogspot.com said...

This is soooo lovely..... awesome!! ur so talented!

Sushmita said...

Thanx Gauri.. I
am already blushing

Jay said...

new to your space..
happy following you sushmita
do stop by mine sometime
Tasty Appetite

Sushmita said...

Thanx Jay. Found ur blog equally nice

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