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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Romantically moonlit

The full moon always captivates me. I believe that "Chaandi" चांदनी (Full moon in hindi) magically transforms even the ordinary things to pure beauty. Since childhood I had cherished this dream of visiting and seeing the TAJ on a full moon night. What magic the full moon does to the grandeur of TAJ, I cant imagine.

There is this park in Gwalior Phool Bag(hope its still there). So one such चांदनी रात of a lazy balmy summer, my parents and I had gone to this PhoolBag to enjoy the cool summary night breeze. And while taking walk along the lanes of the park, I saw the beautiful full moon with a solitary leaf bare tree in its foreground. The scene made quite impact. Summer it was , with no homework and studies, so the moment we came back that night after our evening stroll, I took out my poster colors and drawing book and painted the scene engraved in my memory. I really don't know why I had painted it in monochrome. 
While doing this painting those memories came rushing into my mind.


anindita said...

I too go crazy watching a full moon. Yesterday night was a beautiful night with the moon's light washing my balcony and what a treat it is to watch it again in your painting.


Sushmita said...

U know wht di.. U n I have quite a resonance in our taste..

anindita said...

Actually I am quite a LUNATIC

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