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Monday, May 14, 2012

The homemade PIZZA

A couple of months back I had severe allergy and eczema. The eczema has not yet completely gone. The doc asked me to go for an allergy patch test. Oh its one the worst medical tests. Anyways the verdict: I have severe allergy to nickel and benzoic acid. And that means "NO CHOCOLATE", no tinned foods , no salmon, no blah blah blah and of course possibly "no eating out". Imagine life without Chocolate.. a sweetaholic person like myself, this is no less than a punishment. Poor me... buuuuhhuuuu..
Anyways since we have stopped eating out, I thought of making a pizza at home, with almost everything homemade. From the crust to the sauce, all was made at home. And believe me, the pizza came out really delicious.
So here's what I used and did
For the base :
about 1 and a 1/2 cup flour
2-3 tablespoon olive oil
instant yeast - a sachet
1/2 tsp sugar
1 tsp salt

For sauce(U can use ready-made tomato sauce) :
2 Large tomatoes
a little butter
2 garlic pods
a tsp of olive oil
any Italian seasoning(I used oregano, basil)
chilly flakes
crushed black pepper

For toppings
shredded mozzarella cheese
any veggies U like
I used Red bell peppers, cherry tomatoes(cut into halves and deseeded), mushroom, onion
Pepperoni(if U like, else skip) 

If using instant yeast ,proof the yeast in 1/4 cup lukewarm water ,1/2 tsp sugar. Let it bloom for 10 mins or so until it doubles. In a bowl, start kneading flour, salt and olive oil. After a couple of  minutes of kneading, start adding the yeast slowly and keep kneading. Make a perfect dough. Smear a deep bowl or utensil with oil and keep this dough in the bowl , covering the bowl with a lid in a warm place. You can keep it in your oven or microwave. In an hour the dough should double its size. Meanwhile for the sauce, I blanched the tomatoes. Remove the skin of the tomatoes, make a puree. In a pan heat olive oil. Add crushed garlic. Add a little butter for that wonderful aroma. Now add the tomato puree. Add salt as per taste, and the other seasonings and crushed black pepper. Simmer for a few minutes.

Now after an hour, take the dough, punch it to release all air, and roll it into a nice large circle. Place on a pizza pan or baking sheet and bake at 400 F for 15 minutes. Keep checking, do not burn the crust.
Once the crust is done, smear a layer of tomato sauce, top it with your veggies and other toppings. Top with a generous amount of shredded cheese. Bake till the cheese melts. I kept on broil for 2 mins. Enjoy your home-made pizza.


anindita said...

Yummy......wow..I must also say, "Energy aache boss"...

anindita said...

Yummy......wow..I must also say, "Energy aache boss"...

Sushmita said...

hehehehe cooikng is my stress buster di

runnergirlinthekitchen.blogspot.com said...

Looks soo yum :))

Sushmita said...

Thanx Gauri

Swats said...

Hi Sush - your pizza looks awesome - its one of my favourite foods - its considered a junk food but come to think of it - it can be made one of the most nutritious foods with lots of fun. For eg - the crust can be made from wheat or with a multigrain aata - toppings add as many veggies and some chicken - :) and cheese of corse ..

But i am concerned about your frequent health problems - i have a health drink for you - this is my recipe - take palak add some water and grind it to make it a juice - you can strain it if you want - in this put a spoon of honey - and squeeze a lemon - serve this chilled - its very easy to make - if you drink this daily 1 glass - it will improve your health within a month.

Anonymous said...


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